My Mala Neckale + Mantra: Om Aim Hreem Shreem Saraswati Namaha



I've been working with mantras on a daily basis.. especially this one in Sanskrit: OM AIM HREEM SHREEM SARASWATI NAMAHA.. I use the mala necklace I share on the photo, to recite the mantra.

a mantra can also be a positive affirmation, like Deepak Chopra suggests on this article. a mala necklace usually has 108 beads and we recite the mantra on each bead.. holding one by one.

when I first began working with mantras I didn't have a mala necklace so I used what was available: 27 pasta spirals.. and I had two cups because 27x4=108 and I had to repeat the process four times.. you can use beans or coins or whatever is available..

I bought my mala necklaces on Etsy.. this one was a gift from a dear friend. sometimes I'm feeling overwhelmed and just want to be quiet.. every time that happens, I hold my mala beads, one by one, reciting Saraswati mantra and my energy shifts and I feel relaxed and renewed.

I would love to know what positive affirmations or mantras you recite.. when.. and how do they make you feel? 

Full Moon, November 4th 2017