in the comfort of your home or your favourite relaxing place.

whenever you need extra Love, peace of mind or simply wish for the tenderness of a Holistic session.. all you need to do is a donation and I will send you healing for your 10PM.. any day. although the regular value of this healing is $75 USD, you're free to pay a minimum fee.

to receive it, do a simple ritual of lighting a candle or burning your favourite incense.. you can play relaxing music and lay down.. the healing doesn't have a predictable length.. the Energy work through me without limitations of time or space.

I don't need to know anything about you. your donation has your blueprint and will connect us energetically. your babies (child or pet) healing is free, when you donate for yourself. all you need to do is light a second candle and whisper their name.

is recommended a minimum of 3 sessions, but you can purchase only 1 to see how you feel receiving healing through me.. any questions please ask.. connect with me, here! thank you!